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Apr 12, 2017

Part of our focus on experience here at Lone Flag is providing the best possible service that we can to each and every one of you. In store and online we offer expert fit and care advice for denim and shirting, but also provide in-store chainstitch hemming, single-needle hemming, and minor denim repairs. Basically, if you have a pair you love, we want to take care of them for you so you can keep wearing them and loving them. 

Services :
  • Chainstitch hem - $25
  • Single needle hem (chinos) - $22
  • Crotch / top block hole repair (under 6") - $36
It's easy : You can drop in store here for an assessment and service or reach out to us on the contact form here and we'll get you shipping instructions to get your pair sent in for care. All hemming is free for life on any pair of denim purchased at Lone Flag. Long live great denim, we're here for you.